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Life at Khesthe Kids Academy

Welcome to Khetshe Kids academy, where every moment is a canvas for the colorful tapestry of learning and joy. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a nurturing environment that stimulates the minds and hearts of our little ones.

Our organisation consists of two campuses, one situated in Cape town Foreshore and the other in Maitland. Each visiting you with a warm welcome as children arrive, greeted by smiles and positive energy. Our spacious and thoughtfully designed classrooms are buzzing with excitement as children engage in a variety of activities.



From R500 / Per Day

Our daycare program is founded on the principle that every interaction, every cuddle, and every moment of care is an opportunity for learning and development. While formal academics may not be the focus at this stage, our holistic approach ensures that each child receives the love, attention, and stimulation necessary for healthy growth and a positive introduction to the exciting journey of learning that lies ahead.

Grade R

From R1000 / Per Month

Our academic program is thoughtfully designed to provide a solid foundation for our Grade R students. We recognize the unique developmental stage of our young learners and aim to create a supportive and engaging environment that nurtures their curiosity and love for learning.We understand the unique needs and developmental milestones of our youngest learners.

Grade 1 - 3

From R1100 / Per Month

We designed to foster a love for learning, curiosity, and critical thinking in our young students. Recognizing the developmental milestones at this stage, our curriculum combines foundational academic skills with hands-on experiences and creative explorations. Here are few subjects part of our curriculum:

  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Arts and Culture
  • Technology


We are delighted to offer a reliable and safe transport service as part of our comprehensive childcare solutions. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of every child entrusted to our care, we also offer necessary transport for disabled/physically challenged children.


Maitland R400
Kensington R500


Cape Town R400
Sea Point R500
Salt River R500


Our school believe in the power of play, exploration, and hands-on experiences to foster holistic development in our little learners. Children engage in lively singing sessions, Aswell as dancing for auditory and motor skills but also introduces them to the joy of self-expression through music. There are swimming classes available taught by our trained and trusted staff. Students also receive computer skills as part of their activities.


Our dedicated kitchen staff takes pride in preparing wholesome and age-appropriate meals that cater to the unique dietary needs of young children. We prioritize fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create a menu that not only satisfies young taste buds but also supports their overall well-being.


Uniforms can be purchased on both the Maitland and Foreshore branches. For further information, please contact Mr Julius Byamugisha on 071 915 5275 or email her on [email protected]


Short-Sleeved T shirt - R 100

Short Pants - R 100

Blazer - R 650

Tie - R 100


Short-Sleeved T shirt - R 100

Skirt - R 250

Blazer - R 650

Tie - R 100

Summer Clothes

Golf Shirt - R 100

Shorts - R 100