Khetshe Kids Academy

Computer Classes

Second week in action introducing children to technology in a thoughtful and age-appropriate manner, we empower them to navigate the digital landscape confidently. We believe that learning is a collaborative effort between the creche, the child, and the parents. Regular updates on the computer classes are provided to parents, ensuring transparency and encouraging discussions about […]

Swimming Lessons

We are back into action with the swimming lessons, Our swimming lessons encompass a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic water safety practices to advanced swimming techniques. Students will engage in skill-building activities, games, and drills that make the learning process both educational and enjoyable.

Concert 2023

The concert unfolded on a beautifully adorned stage at the Maitland Branch, creating the perfect backdrop for our budding musicians to showcase their musical prowess. Families, friends, and music enthusiasts gathered in anticipation of an evening filled with enchanting melodies. Diverse Musical Talents: The concert featured a diverse array of musical talents. Each act was […]

Start of the Year 2024

As the school gates swing open, there’s an air of excitement and anticipation. The corridors are buzzing with the energy of students reuniting with friends, meeting new classmates, and sharing stories of their summer adventures. It’s a time for fresh beginnings and renewed enthusiasm. Warm Welcome: Our dedicated faculty and staff extend a warm welcome […]